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A Toxic Culture

Are you in a toxic culture? Toxic companies fire and hire without giving it a second thought. Employees receive minimal training nor are aware of official company policies. AP’s Eric Risberg reports two of Wells Fargo’s key values are “ethics” and “what’s right for customers” and yet its employees created over 2 million ghost customer accounts. Toxic, or not, a company’s real values come from the top and are manifested in operations, performance evaluations, and promotions. Facebook research found when people are engaged they bring their full attention, energy and effort to their jobs, so they perform better and so do their companies. Forget work-life balance and autonomy, their research revealed the one thing that keeps employees engaged and matters most is having a sense of pride in the company. In the hottest job market in over a decade this is the moment to find and stay in a company that makes you proud.

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