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Chosen for being the “Champions of Corporate Culture,” Forbes 2016 “Best Companies to Work For” list includes views on corporate culture by the leaders of the chosen companies. EY Chairman, Steve Howe, suggests everyone must understand why their company exists and what greater good it serves, and then the leaders must celebrate great examples of the strength and the advantage of the culture. Would this cause companies to reinvent themselves if they outlive their purpose? JM Family Enterprises’ Colin Brown believes a healthy culture is about taking care of one another, sharing in successes, and building trust. Veterans United CEO, Nate Long, believes a company’s corporate culture is the cumulative effect of the people a company hires. Clicking on the Company name on SelectLeaders Network’s job postings, interestingly our Company Profiles increasingly include a statement on their corporate culture and what it is like to work there. When you search for your next career move, don’t forget to view our Company Profiles.

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