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Best Time to Get Hired

“Commercial real estate hiring remains steady after hitting a two-and-a-half year high in January 2019,” reports the SelectLeaders Job Barometer. Mass job boards report, “Jobs take vacations too: June, July and August. Hiring managers and recruiters no longer actively search for candidates during the hottest months.” Guess they never worked in Real Estate. While it is true, intensity to hire increases and HR is pressed to hire faster in Q1 and again in September and October, summertime is the best time to saunter in and snag that perfect job. While your competition for a job is reading a book on the beach, HR finally has the time to carefully read your resume. Less competition, yet the Job Postings continue to be so tempting from icons such as Silverstein Properties as well as always enticing Vice-President and Director titles. But before you start your new job, take a few victory laps around those at the beach who believe summer is not the best time to get hired lsdsemihidden

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