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Developer Mismatch

I was surprised when a student-oriented housing development was constructed next to the state University in my home town. While it might seem logical, research indicated students who do not live in on-campus dorms prefer to live downtown with access to music cafes, indie movies and shopping conveniences. But what surprised me was how many retirees, who had downsized, were moving into the development envisioned for students. University-linked retirement communities are increasing in popularity, but apparently the attraction of this complex is that it is becoming mixed-age. As boomers respond to “Healthy-Aging” and the “use it or lose it philosophy” with the need to not only exercise the body but the brain, life-long learning has come of age. But the larger question is how will retiring Boomers affect the entire concept of age-segregated communities? What was it they used to chant – Hell no, we won’t go?

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
July 9, 2015

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