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Halloween can’t compare to what is happening in companies everywhere! Have you ever gone on a job interview and then heard nothing from the recruiter or hiring manager even after you’ve sent emails or left voicemails? You were “Ghosted”! Has your company ever had a great job candidate who didn’t respond to your calls, texts and e-mails about a job offer … had a new hire who never showed up to work? Or, had an employee walk off without a word, never to be heard from again? You were “Ghosted.” World Leaders are communicating with Tweets, and below them communication can break down entirely. Professional Association, SHRM, in an article on Job Abandonment dismisses “Millennial entitlement” as the sudden reason for this behavior. It’s “more a case of a buyer’s market with a myriad of opportunities, even an extension of dating rituals where “ghosting” is routine. Also, there’s probably a perception that there are no consequences to” ghosting”: No response is a response.

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