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As a decade of SelectLeaders Hiring Trends Surveys confirm, our industry is notorious for not taking all vacation due. The exception appears to be the week of July Fourth, 2019. Landing in the middle of the week, everyone in real estate seems to be off on vacation, which made us wonder, has globalization equalized “the minimum annual paid leave”? Known for their joie de vivre, France grants 30 days paid leave with an additional 22 days personal time. Employees in the UK are entitled to 28 total working days (5.6 weeks) of annual leave. German workers legally get 20 days off, although it is customary for many companies to add an additional 10 making it 30 (like the French?!). China seems the most restrictive until you add in two semi-annual one-week holidays known as the Golden Weeks. America and Canada determine vacation time by longevity of employment. But Millennials, who move more often, appear to be negotiating additional vacation time at the start. Hope you’re enjoying every minute!

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