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Sam Zell, author of “Am I Being too Subtle,” summed up working in real estate. “It’s the thrill of new opportunity, the challenge of problem solving.” Interviewed by our Real Estate Job Network partner, NAREIT, he told “reit” magazine when it comes to politics (or judging any leader), “focus on what got done rather than on what is said.” The secret to employee retention? (Sam’s clock in at 20 years for senior managers, 10 years overall), “It’s opportunity and culture. We are always expanding and doing new things, so there is always room for our people to stretch and grow.” Corporate Culture? “We have a meritocracy and a saying, no surprises” (which encourages collaboration). Greatest achievement? Real Estate was not even an asset class when Zell started selling real estate to the pension funds. It is now a significant part of the investable universe. Sam championed the new Real Estate Sector in the Global Industry Classification Standard. “Our generation was required to educate the public on the relevance of liquid real estate.”

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