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Mother Earth

Did Amazon really abandon moving into the waterfront in Queens, New York because of their sensitivity to protests in the neighborhood? Or did the se level projections from rising flood risks and subsequent escalation of flood insurance premiums take them to higher ground?  Insurance Journal recently issued a white paper, on the Insurance Companies insurer (called Reinsurance). Whether you call it “climate change,” or the in-your-face-reality of increasing Natural Disasters. Or, as others look at it, Mother Earth fighting back. 2017 was the costliest year for Reinsurance companies. 2017 claims the title of the costliest year on record for natural catastrophe events, with $344 billion in global economic loss, of which 97 percent was due to weather-related events, while insured loss estimates from natural catastrophes totaled $140 billion in 2017. Implications include a potential credit rating downgrade for coastal municipalities. Our premier Insurance Companies are standing firm and posting some substantial jobs, take a look below.

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