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SelectLeaders provides a comprehensive list of Schools that offer a degree in Real Estate, graduate or undergraduate. We faced the same dilemma universities are having with their MBA programs. Can an MBA program with courses in real estate provide the depth of knowledge of a full-time Real Estate Program, and should they be included? The answer UW-Madison is considering is, “No.” In November, The University of Wisconsin will decide whether they will join five other universities that closed their fulltime MBA’s. The future? Harvard may have the answer offering a joint MS/MBA Degree. The program is designed to train future leaders of technology ventures, but the concept works for any industry where deep industry knowledge is required, but the skills to run a business are needed. The elephant in the room is the pace at which business is changing and no program you take in your twenties and thirties will prepare you for the decades of changes ahead. If graduates take refresher courses every few years, will resumes soon include updates similar to software, Harvard MS/MBA 4.2?

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