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Reality testing of the ‘Gig Economy’ is occurring throughout Europe. Over 50% of all new jobs created in the European Union since 2010 are Temporary, paying on average of 19 percent less. The Temps include doctors, research analysts, nanotechnologists substantial careers in the U.S. The NYT movingly categorized life for these Temps: 1) Chasing Work – a full-time job for the successful. 2) Putting Life on Pause – marriage, a mortgage, all big life decisions go on hold. 3) Living with Anxiety – “You feel stuck. You’re young, you have a lot to offer, but no one will give you a chance. It’s hard not to feel a sense of burnout or depression.” 4) Feeling Expendable – Bad for business too, morale slumps, productivity decreases. Hope job creation and tax reform are supported and passed before “the gig is up” for the U.S. too.

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