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Real Estate Creep

An excellent barometer of the general economy, real estate is becoming a barometer of social change as well. “Real Estate Creep” was first noticed with IT and Security jobs, neither being a category or sector of historical real estate. IT Project Management, IT Security Compliance, and soon more and more security: Directors of Security, Security Specialists, VPs of Global Security. Then job titles reflected our transition to sustainable development, and the increase in community spaces: Directors of Sustainability, Property Directors to coordinate new, Multifamily, elaborate gathering places. Traditional real estate definitions changed. Housing was originally categorized as Multifamily and Residential – either you rented or you bought. Condos were considered residential because you bought them. Mixed-use changed that by putting together low income, market rate, condos, retail, and even public spaces. Today’s Real Estate student’s know only multi or single family housing dependent on building type. Then just to mix it up, the REITs bought entire single family communities. No wonder our industry needs niche Professional Associations for research and trends, and a real estate exclusive Job Network. You’re not just changing jobs. You’re changing the way we live.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
February 18, 2015

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