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Rise of The Third Tier

5 years ago, most jobs were in first-tier or the very top second-tier cities. Whether the change came from retiring Boomers moving to lower tax states, or Millennials searching for places that tout their work-life balance, jobs in Austin – Florida – Nashville – Seattle – are moving up the charts. Many are counter-cyclical, posting Acquisition and Development jobs usually not prevalent at the end of an 8-year Real Estate Cycle. In fact, new companies now post 30% of jobs on the SelectLeaders Real Estate Job Network, however, this includes the increasing number of clients who are “new again,” back, but with different names due to mergers and acquisitions. The Professional Associations first spotted the Rise of the Third-Tier. Their Career Centers prove the theory. The problem is candidates browsing on their phones gravitate to the familiar. On average the more a company posts the more applicants they attract. But we watch all jobs in this economy closer than ever and will use all our tricks if necessary to get you noticed.

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