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Every two weeks, we usually find one or two job postings with typos in the Job Title. Our Job Posting functionality is similar to that of emails. Job Titles, which correspond to Subject lines, do not have spell check, but the body of the job specification, like the body of an email, does. We look at all jobs posted every day and immediately fix the spelling. We then send an email informing the job poster that there was a small typo in the Title of their Job Posting and that we fixed it because it would affect successful results when candidates search. Job search functionality is weighted to use the Title as the most important search criteria, followed by the number of times a word appears in the spec. Spell check for the title will soon be available on the SelectLeaders Real Estate Job Network. In the meantime, employers double check your titles, and candidates check out our jobs every couple days, because we don’t want a misspelling to cause you to miss an opportunity.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
March 19, 2014

All Top Talent Brief