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Tax Day Blues

I just received 3 emails. The first was from the kid who has cut my grass since he was in high school, and was about to finish a Target Corporation training program. He wanted his mowing job back. Due to Target’s disastrous Canadian expansion, over a thousand jobs were being cut. Then friends who still live in Northern Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range wrote that US Steel, who owns several mines there that have been booming, was laying off over 1,000 workers due to cheap imports – nearly irreplaceable, high-paying middle class jobs. But the last email’s Subject Line was simply ‘Hillary’ who wrote: “Today, for so many families, the path to lasting prosperity is unclear.” Ok, I get a pass on tax day – no more politics. I just hope whoever wins, no one will ever vote for anyone who tries to divide US again, or distract US from the real focus of government: jobs and the economy.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
April 15, 2015

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