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Tech Magnet

75% of venture capital goes to just 3 states, California, New York and Massachusetts, according to the National Venture Capital Association. The Midwest reaps less than 5% of this life blood that fuels tech development and feeds the entrepreneurs who lead these ventures. But online real estate firm, Redfin, reports the tide may be turning. Rather than losing Midwest talent to Silicon Valley, more than a dozen Midwestern metro areas led by Minneapolis, Detroit, Omaha, Cleveland, and Columbus welcomed more Bay area transplants than vice versa in the first five months of this year. All relish buying a house for what would be a down payment in the Bay Area. While some boomerang to be as close as possible to their agribusiness customers. Others, who can work from anywhere and are from the Midwest, want to help spark the Midwest transformation and the opportunity it presents. The future of job growth is in tech.

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