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The Next War Front

The September Jobs Report stoked The War for Talent not only with the unemployment decrease to 3.7%, the lowest since December, 1969, but the number of underemployed working in September surged. On the home front, SelectLeaders doubled down on our job watch. When an employer who posts steadily received one resume after three weeks, we immediately refreshed the job, moving it to the top of the list. Immediate reply, “Thanks but we hired the person; we have been getting some really good resumes from our postings.” We always say, “It only takes one, we’re quality not quantity,” but the toughest hiring market in decades can disarm anyone. More employers are shifting strategies and searching for “passive candidates” not in the job market by adding our proprietary Resume Database Search to their arsenal. Reportedly, our Professional Association Network is doing better than most, but the Next Front is compensation. If you’ve had a good run, play Santa Claus at bonus time. The one who retains the most employees … wins.

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