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The Offer You Should Never Take

Career advice usually concentrates on how to land the perfect job, what YOU should do on the interview, or how to make your resume stand out. Not much is written on the offer you should never take. Admittedly more people write a company review to complain, but when there is a consistent complaint, think twice. Forbes’ Liz Ryan asks the critical question, “How well did this company treat you during the offer process? Don’t take the offer if they’ve already shown you that people to them are hunks of meat, they can leave in Radio Silence Land for weeks between contacts.” Listen to your gut instinct. The world will value you just as highly as you value yourself. Harvard Business Review warns, “One of biggest mistakes people make is not finding out enough about the potential company and its culture. A recent study indicates, for women, a company’s commitment to people development is as important as compensation or other opportunities the company offers.

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