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Your Approach to Hiring Is All Wrong

Harvard Business Review deems “Your Apporach to Hiring Is All Wrong.” First, you don’t have a system to ‘Promote From Within’. Starting from the Inside Out, your Job Posting should be “required to be posted internally” as well as on external Job Boards. And, employees should be encouraged to apply and view the job requirements as one path to success. Second, you don’t ‘List Realistic Job Requirements’. Applicant tracking software encourages piling on the requirements to filter to the point few, if any, fill the requirements or even apply. List only the essential skills, then assess if their resume demonstrates the ability to master new ones. 3) You believe the myth of ‘Passive Candidates’. In truth, only 15% of people are NOT open to moving. Surveys show ‘passive candidates’ move primarily for more money, while ‘Active Candidates’ move because they are ambitious in advancing their career. Obviously Harvard is referring to Employers who post on Mass Job Boards and not our CRE Employers whose approach is All Right!

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