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Your Story

A Korn/Ferry study found most CEOs believe technology – not people – will become the greatest source of future competitive advantage. While technology will never fully replace the human factor at work, it will overhaul how humans get hired. The future the study envisions has every candidate pre-screened and scored, fully assessed and ready to interview. Ready to outsmart AI? Start like AI would: what does your employer, current or future, want you to do? Be able to list, for anyone, what your job, current or future, entails. Then, be able to match your qualifications to your job description. Any missing or not A+? Your first New Year’s resolution should be to master the missing skillset. Now go beyond AI and write down “your story,” how you handled specific challenges in your current job and how what you did catapulted your success. To outsmart AI, we all will have to have a behind the scenes story which glorifies just how human we are.

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