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Justin Cuthbert, NHL News Editor @theScore gave California the title “New State of Hockey” which outraged the state of Minnesota. Obviously too young to remember 1980, when our relationship with Russia was not dissimilar from today, and a bunch of kids who actually grew up playing hockey in their states, beat the Russians in the Olympics, memorialized in “Miracle on Ice”. How important is a title? If you are posting a job on the SelectLeaders Real Estate Job Network our search mechanism uses the title to determine the order in which jobs are listed. We recommend thinking about the primary skillset your ideal candidate will possess and using that as your title, because job seekers search jobs to match their top skillsets. A recruiter once posted “Mr. Universe” for Global Head of Corporate Real Estate, yet being real estate exclusive, our search mechanism is granular in our ability to categorize job functions from the body of your job description, so your job will be in front of the right people. The order, however, is determined by the exactness of the title. As the Arctic Blast heads across the country, job seekers may want to know sunny California has inched out every other state claiming title to most hiring opportunities… but not hockey.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
November 12, 2014

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