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Property Management Coordinator

Full Time
Real Estate Field
  • Property Management
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United States

This job is no longer active.


Primary Responsibilities –


  • Assists Property Managers with day-to-day activities
    • Answers phone calls and Building Engines requests from tenants, informs the Property Manager about the issues and work to be done, and dispatches vendors with the Property Manager’s guidance.
    • Maintains log concerning tenant complaints and roof leaks and saves in the Complaint Folder and prepares and analyzes Building Engines reports.
    • Follows up to be sure that work is completed or that the complaint is resolved and that the cost is billed back if it is the tenant’s responsibility.
    • Makes necessary calls or uses Building Engines to advise tenants about upcoming events such as paving of parking lots, capital improvements, etc.
    • Schedules meetings for Property Manager.
    • Monitors renewal dates for service contracts and assists Property Managers in the preparation of service contracts for landscaping and snow removal and verifies valid insurance is in place.
    • Keeps logs and monitors testing for HVAC, RPZ, sprinkler, fire alarms, elevators, etc., even when the lease gives that responsibility to the tenant.
    • Documents repair and maintenance budgets, tracks spending and provides updates for Accounting.
    • Gathers information and enters data in the Tenant Move-Out Notice.  Coordinates approvals, etc., then distributes it according to the procedure.
    • Prepares and maintains the R&M Report.
    • Maintains the Property Information in Building Books and Building Engines.
    • When proposals are received, forwards them to the Property Manager or the Construction Coordinator with the budget/month budgeted.
    • For repair and maintenance work over $5,000, prepares contract/Purchase Order and follows up to be sure it is signed by both the vendor and Simone Management.
    • Reviews, codes and stamps all invoices related to Property Management work up to and including $2,000.  Forwards invoices with the approved proposal to the Property Manager for approval and, after approval, forwards them to A/P.  For invoices over $2,000, gets approval from the VP Property Management and Construction (and ownership if needed) before forwarding to A/P.
    • Tracks R&M invoices related to the annual budget.
    • Compares invoices related to service contracts to the service log to make sure the total price is accurate.
    • Assists in resolving issues with the Property Management invoices not approved for payment by the Property Accountant – e.g., issues related to sales tax.
    • Maintains a Master List of all utility meter numbers and insures that utility accounts are switched over to owner’s name at least 5 days prior to tenant vacating.
    • Stamps, reviews and codes utility bills and forwards them to the Property Managers.  After approval, forwards utility bills to A/P.
    • Resolves issues related to any utility meters that are not being billed correctly.
  • Responsible for tenant insurance
    • Reviews new tenant insurance certificates for appropriate coverage and sends the COIs with the new tenant checklist to HUB.
    • Monitors tenant insurance to be sure it is appropriate and up-to-date.
    • Verifies the accuracy of the HUB reports and contacts tenants when HUB is unable to get the correct insurance.



  • Accounts Receivable tasks
    • On a monthly basis, identifies all past due tenants from Yardi, telephones those past due tenants and documents the results for the Property Managers.
      • Maintains Landlord/Tenant Issues and Disputes Log by continuously updating and gathering information about tenants in legal process (from outside counsel and PMs) and updates reports.
      • Provides outside counsel with all information needed for legal actions – e.g., tenant ledgers, obtains Default Notice signatures from owners, etc.


  • Manages Incident Report process –
    • Completes report for Property Managers when tenants call in an Incident Report.
      • Assures that Incident Reports are completed and scans and sends reports to HUB with a copy to the Property Manager.
      • Coordinates insurance claims, follows up for needed information, and schedules depositions.
      • Maintains spreadsheet for claims – such as slip and fall matters – and records all summons.

Job Function

  • Property Management

Job Sectors

  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Retail


2+ to 5 years

This job is no longer active.

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